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Polar Mint Velo nicotine pouches are tobacco-free, smoke-free, and spit-free alternatives to traditional snus products. Made from eucalyptus and pine fibres, these slim-format pouches are packed with spearmint and menthol flavourings, delivering excellent flavour and up to 40 minutes of nicotine release per pouch.

To use, tuck the Velo Polar Mint pouch under your lip, allowing gradual nicotine absorption until satisfied. You may experience a tingling sensation at first, indicating the nicotine working its way into your bloodstream.

Key Features

  • 100% Tobacco-free
  • Spearmint Flavour
  • Made from Plant Based Materials
  • 20 Pouches Per Pack
  • Produced by British American Tobacco (BAT)

As with all flavours in the Velo nicotine pouches range, Polar Mint by Velo is available with FREE next day delivery here at Prime Pouches. All our orders are dispatched with Royal Mail Tracked 24, ensuring a fast, secure and discreet service right to your doorstep.

What's In The Box?

  • 1 x Velo Polar Mint Nicotine Pouch Pack of 20


Brand:Velo Nicotine Pouches
Pouches Per Can:20
Pouch Size:Slim
Nicotine Rating:Medium
Nicotine Strength Per Pouch:6mg, 10mg
Nicotine Strength Per Gram:8.6mg
Manufacturer:British American Tobacco (BAT)
Country of Origin:Denmark

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Reviews for Velo Polar Mint

★★★★★★★★★★1 Review • 4/5
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1 Customer Reviewfor Velo Polar Mint

tastes like polos and im here for it! super fast delivery.

Tina R.

Verified Buyer Review

May 26, 2024

FAQs About Polar Mint Velo Nicotine Pouches

What is the intended use and experience of Velo Polar Mint nicotine pouches?

Velo Polar Mint nicotine pouches are designed to be used orally by placing a pouch between the lip and gum, where it will dissolve slowly over time. This allows the nicotine and mint flavouring to be absorbed in the mouth, delivering a cooling and refreshing sensation. The key benefits of the oral use and experience of Velo Polar Mint are:

  • Provides nicotine satisfaction and can help reduce cigarette cravings in a discreet, convenient way
  • Offers an enjoyable cooling mint flavour that leaves the breath feeling fresh
  • Allows the nicotine to be absorbed safely without having to smoke or vape
  • The pouches dissolve slowly for long-lasting enjoyment of the mint flavour
  • More pleasant oral experience than traditional tobacco products

How does Velo Polar Mint help consumers seeking an alternative to smoking?

As a smoke-free nicotine pouch, Velo Polar Mint offers adult consumers a less harmful way to get nicotine satisfaction without the health risks associated with smoking traditional cigarettes. The key smoking alternative benefits provided by Velo Polar Mint are:

  • Delivers nicotine in a smoke-free format to avoid cigarette toxins
  • Can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms when transitioning away from smoking
  • Provides an oral substitute for the physical ritual of smoking a cigarette
  • Mint flavour creates an enjoyable user experience for managing nicotine consumption
  • Easier to use discreetly than smoking in public settings
As part of the broader category of smoking cessation aids, Velo Polar Mint offers a cleaner and more convenient way to consume nicotine without smoke, ash, or fire. This makes it an appealing option for committed adult smokers looking to reduce their health risks and transition to alternatives.

What health advantages does Velo Polar Mint have over traditional tobacco products?

Velo Polar Mint delivers nicotine satisfaction without the tar, smoke and ash associated with combustible tobacco products like cigarettes. This provides several health advantage benefits:

  • Avoids the many toxic chemicals created during tobacco combustion
  • Significantly reduces second-hand smoke risks for others
  • Lessens short-term damage and irritation to mouth and throat tissues
  • Decreases risk of lung disease, cancer, and cardiovascular conditions over time
  • Mint flavour leaves the breath fresh instead of smelling like cigarette smoke
While Velo Polar Mint still contains addictive nicotine, it provides an oral tobacco-free alternative to obtain nicotine in a much less harmful manner compared to smoking. This can help committed adult smokers lead healthier lifestyles over the long run.

What is the intended consumer base for Velo Polar Mint nicotine pouches?

Velo Polar Mint is primarily intended for adult consumers seeking an enjoyable oral tobacco-free alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Specifically, the target consumer base includes:

  • Adult smokers looking to quit or significantly reduce smoking
  • Former adult smokers wanting to continue consuming nicotine in a low-risk manner
  • Adults interested trying smoke-free tobacco substitutes
  • Existing oral tobacco consumers migrating toward nicotine pouches
  • Adult consumers who enjoy mint flavours
While Velo Polar Mint is restricted to adult-only sales and not marketed toward youth, the product is designed to appeal to a wide range of adult smokers and tobacco users interested in satisfying nicotine pouches with pleasant mint flavouring.

How does the packaging and presentation of Velo Polar Mint reflect its intended purpose?

The packaging and presentation of Velo Polar Mint as a portable small can filled with discreet white nicotine pouches reflects its purpose as a convenient smoke-free alternative that can be enjoyed orally on-the-go.

Key packaging benefits include:

  • Small slim can for portability and ease of use
  • Tamper proof lid to preserve pouch freshness
  • Plain white pouches draw little attention when in use
  • Clear labelling of nicotine content and health warnings
  • Resealable lid allows pouches to be enjoyed over multiple sessions

The portable, discreet and resealable packaging allows adult consumers to obtain oral nicotine satisfaction conveniently and privately across different public settings and contexts where smoking may be inconvenient or restricted.