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Velo Nicotine Pouches

Velo nicotine pouches are tobacco-free, smoke-free, and spit-free pouches made from eucalyptus and pine fibres. Produced by British American Tobacco (BAT), one of the world's largest tobacco companies, these white, discreet pouches are used by placing under the lip to release nicotine. They contain cellulose fibres, water, flavourings, and sweeteners. Velo comes in cans containing 20 pouches.

Velo offers an extensive range with 14 different flavours across 6 nicotine strength levels to suit different tastes and needs. The flavours span fruit, mint, and fruit-mint fusions, including options like Ice Cool Strong, Freeze Extra Strong, Polar Mint, Royal Violet, and Ruby Berry. Strengths range from 8mg to 10mg of nicotine per pouch depending on the variety. One of the benefits of Velo nicotine pouches is that they provide around 40 minutes of steady nicotine release when placed under the lip, giving you a nice long-lasting experience compared to other fast-dissolving options.

The mini white pouches tuck subtly under the lip without any spitting needed. So you can use them quietly at your desk, on a night out, or in other social settings without drawing attention or causing a mess. This makes Velo a convenient and subtle alternative to smoking breaks or vaping for times you want a quick nicotine fix on the go.

Velo is often compared to the popular Swedish brand LYFT in the nicotine pouch market. In fact, Velo has actually consolidated all LYFT products under its own brand identity in the UK. So users familiar with LYFT will find the same styles of tobacco-free pouches with Velo but with the backing of a major global tobacco company in BAT.

While generally considered a safer alternative to smoking for adult smokers looking to switch, Velo pouches do contain nicotine which can be addictive and is not suitable for certain groups. These include pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with high blood pressure, those with heart conditions, and diabetics. So if you fall into one of these categories, it's best to avoid Velo and other nicotine products entirely for health reasons.