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Welcome to Prime® Pouches - the UK's leading online store for tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Based in the UK, we offer NEXT DAY FREE DELIVERY on orders over £20 - so the wait for prolonged Scandinavian deliveries is over!

Looking for nicotine pouch sleeves of 10? You're in the right place - all our nicotine pouches are available with discounted bulk pricing, saving you an average of 40% per can!

Nicotine pouches are completely tobacco-free cigarette alternatives that provide a slow release of nicotine into the bloodstream when placed between the gum and upper lip. No tar, carcinogens, or nasty chemicals. As former smokers ourselves, this ingenious solution to less harmful nicotine consumption inspired us to establish Prime® Pouches with a mission of helping smokers who are struggling to quit smoking cigarettes.

Nicotine pouches are not 100% risk-free as nicotine is an addictive substance. However, they eliminate exposure to the thousands of chemicals created during tobacco combustion. This greatly reduces health risks like lung disease, heart disease and cancer compared to traditional cigarettes.

Unlike cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, tobacco-free snus, chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, patches, and vaping, our nicotine pouches here at Prime Pouches come in a variety of different flavours, strengths, and sizes. This means that it's easy to control your nicotine intake by gradually reducing your chosen nicotine strength over time. Whether you're after light, medium, or extra strong tobacco-free pouches, we've got you covered.

With our selection of top brands at Prime® Pouches, including Zyn, Nordic Spirit, Velo, On!, Killa, Elf Bar Tacja, Gold Rush, Hit, Kingston, Pablo, Poke, UBBS, Velo, White Fox Slim, and more, there's no better place to buy nicotine pouches! Our range of nicotine pouch flavours includes citrus, tobacco, coffee, spices, and peppermint, as well as other minty options and more.

We know first-hand that quitting smoking and other traditional tobacco products is a journey of ups and downs. Our goal with Prime® Nic Pouches is to equip you with the products, information and support needed to take control of nicotine usage. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need assistance, or a friendly chat.

We sincerely thank you for giving Prime® Nic Pouches the opportunity to earn your business. We know there are many choices for nicotine pouch needs online, and are committed to providing the selection and service to keep customers coming back. We wish you all the best on your journey to becoming smoke-free!

Where Is Prime Nic Pouches Based?

Prime Nic Pouches is based in Birmingham, United Kingdom - so when it comes to nicotine pouches UK - we know our stuff! Our large and established UK warehouse stores all of our stock, ensuring fast delivery using our domestic courier, Royal Mail.

Where Do You Deliver Nicotine Pouches?

For nicotine pouches UK, we deliver to England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. All of our deliveries are made through Royal Mail's reliable tracked delivery service, ensuring a fast, secure, and discreet experience for all our customers. UK customers get FREE Next Day Delivery on all orders £20 and over when you shop at Prime Pouches!

For nicotine pouches Europe, we deliver to all of mainland Europe, including Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and more. Our Express European Delivery is fully tracked and FREE for orders over £150. Expect nicotine pouches delivery to Europe in 2-5 days.

For nicotine pouches worldwide, we deliver to all major countries such as USA, UAE, and more. Our Express International Delivery is fully tracked and FREE for orders over £150. You can expect this worldwide delivery within 3-7 days.

Do You Stock Any UK Nicotine Pouches?

Yes, we stock all major brands of UK nicotine pouches, supporting British businesses across the nation. For a fantastic UK nicotine pouch brand, consider Kingston nicotine pouches. This UK-based brand has years of experience in the nicotine vape industry and now applies that knowledge to help users quit tobacco through nicotine pouches.

Are UK Nicotine Pouches Better than Scandinavian Pouches?

It depends on your preferences. UK nicotine pouch brands tend to have better packaging and overall design but often get their pouches manufactured in Denmark, Sweden, and other Nordic countries. Conversely, as nicotine pouches first rose to prominence in Scandinavian territories, users often report higher quality from Scandinavian brands. It's truly a personal preference!

Are Nicotine Pouches Regulated In The UK?

Nicotine pouches are currently regulated in the UK under the General Products Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR). However, nicotine pouches are not regulated the same way that nicotine vapes are, as they do not fall within the legal scope of the UK's Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR). This means that there is currently no legal age restriction nor legal nicotine limit restriction as there are with e-cigarettes.

On 15 April 2024, the UK Government announced the Tobacco and Vapes Bill is set to ban the sale of nicotine pouches to those under the age of 18. So when it comes to the question, "Are Nicotine Pouches Banned In The UK?" the answer is no, but they are likely to become more rightly regulated over the coming years.

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